Gwydyr Fishery
Gwydyr Fishery Rules
1. The Gwydyr Fishery reserve the right to refuse the issue of any ticket or permission to fish without giving any explanation for such refusal.
2. Ticket holders wishing to retain their rods for the following season must notify the proprietor on or before the 30th November in each year.The appropriate fee must be paid in advance on or before 31st December, otherwise any rods not taken up by that date will be re-allocated. This rule will be strictly enforced.
3. In the event of any ticket holder found or reported fishing or acting whilst fishing in an unsportsmanlike manner or contravening these rules or the rules of byelaw of the Environmental Agency, Welsh region. The Fishery reserves the right tosuspend/cancel his or her ticket and there will be no refund to the offender of either the whole part of the amount paid for the ticket.
4. Rods are not, for any reason transferable, and no ticket holder shall fish with more than 1 rod at any time. No person shall be engaged as an attendant who shall have been convicted of any fishing offence, or who in the opinionof the proprietor is not a fit person to act as an attendant.
5. No person shall be allowed to coach on any part of the Fishery waters without written consent of the Betws-y-Coed Angling Club.
6. Neither ticket holders nor attendants are allowed to be accompanied by a dog or dogs unless such animals are under strict control.
When a ticket holder wishes to fish a pool or run occupied by another ticket holder, it shall be the duty of the approaching ticket holder to convey his/her intentions , if affirmed, after 30 minutes the pool or run must be vacated in favour of the enquirer. However by mutual consent , a ticket holder may enter the pool or run upstream of an existing ( under no circumstances shall a ticket holder enter the fishery downstream). In the situation where a ticket holder is fishing a pool or run and another ticket holder is fishing upstream of this angler and is wishing to fish downstream through the same pool , the downstream ticket holder must walk or wade at least two paces downstream for each cast he/she makes.
In the event of any 2 or more ticket holders arriving at a pool or run at the same time, the question of who shall have first priority to fish shall be determined by the tossing of a coin.
Sea Trout limit is 2 (two) fish per pool and 2 fish per day. Again after the first fish has been caught, the pool or run must be vacated in favour of any ticket holder fishing, if none then the ticket holder shall be permitted to continue fishing in that particular pool or run until his/her limit has been attained. Method of fishing fly only, the use of maggots is permitted, single fly hook, single maggot.
9a. Salmon 1 ( one ) fish per pool or run and 2 (two) fish per day . Anglers cannot continue to fish on a catch and release basis when worm fishing.
10. If any ticket holder sells or is deemed to have sold fish they have caught on the Fisheries water the management shall forthwith cancel the ticket holders permit ( ref. rule 4).
11. No fish under 12 ( twelve ) inches long are to be taken out of the water under any pretence, however badly injured during the process of unhooking they must be gently returned to the river. It will be the duty of the Fishery Manager to to seize any such fish and take possesion of the whole basket of any person infringing this rule.
12. The river trout fishing season extends from the 20th March to the 30th September inclusive. Salmon fishing commences 20th March and closes on the 17th October. Sea Trout fishing commences on the 1st May and closes on the 17th October.(These seasons may be reduced if E.A. bylaws shorten the length of the season from the dates given above, which shall not be extended even if E.A. bylaws are in force to allow for a longer season ).
13. The commencement of fishing will be 6.30 am each day ( this rule will be strictly adhered to ) and anyone fishing both Salmon and Sea Trout the same day must rest the waters for at least 1(one) hour in between.
13a. Below 1000 on the Cwn Lanerch guage , no Salmon fishing is allowed after 6pm to allow the resting of pools for Sea Trout Anglers.
14. Ticket holders are particularly requested to to exercise care in crossing fences , avoid trespass and damge to crops, not to leave gates open and also confine themselves to the bank of the waters as far as practicable, obey the country code ,and obey all notices, markers etc.
15. It shall be a duty of any officer or employee of the proprietor to examine any ticket holders basket/equipment and ticket holders must assist in this.
Any ticket holder noticing dead fish in the river is asked to report the matter on the same day to the fishery manager and no account attempt to remove the fish himself /herself.
17. No ticket holder is allowed to maintain or use a boat or canoe for fishing or any other purpose on the Fishery waters without written consent of the proprietors.
18. Should any ticket holder accidentally foul hook a Salmon or Sea Trout he or she must immediately return the fish to the river.
19. The rules of the Fishery may be amended at any time by the proprietors and any alteration there to will be duly notified to the ticket holders.
20. Any ticket holder having cause complaint shall lodge the sam in writing to the proprietors as soon as possible after cause for complaint has arisen.
21. All applications , complaints and suggestions made to the proprietors will be dealt with on their merits and in the interests of the presevation of the fishery and good management.
22.Before commencing to fish every ticket holder must provide himself/herself the appropriate Environment Agency License.
23. In the interest of good mangement of the fishery ticket holders must furnish the proprietor at the Gwydyr Hotel with a return of the number, species and weight of fish caught and must also specify the methodology used.
24. A ticket holder contravening with any of the above rules or the rules and bylaws of the Environment Agency licence will automatically forfeit his or her ticket (ref.Rule 4)
For information on river conditions, please telephone the Hotel or Fishery manager.
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